[FAQ] Why my result is not as expected even I followed all steps?

“Why my result is not as expected even I followed all steps?”

There are different reasons why this would happen. And today we will talk about 2 main aspects of this problem

False Signal

The most common problem is that a lot of traders are focusing on the strategy itself and forgot about there are false signals laying along side with the true signals. Therefore, it is important to learn to spot false signals in all strategy that you are using.

And the most efficient way to avoid false signal is to trade with stable markets. Remember that volatile market and false signals are like a twin which they often associate with each other.

Find out more about when not to trade to avoid false signal via this video here:

Emotional Control

Even though you are following every step of the strategy, your emotion/mentality might not be able to keep up with you in live trading environment. That’s why panic and anxiety happen and that’s a leading cause of misjudgment.

Instead of practicing on demo, try practicing with minimum amount in live trading so that you can get a better idea on how it feels like, and get used to the intense trading environment. That’s another key for you to achieve your goal in binary options trading.

PC (LIVE): https://lionbo.hiroseuk.com/login2/
Mobile (LIVE): https://lionbo.hiroseuk.com/sm2/

[FAQ] When using MACD, do we look at the Lines or Histogram?

“When using MACD, do we look at the Lines or Histogram?”

“We look at both lines and histogram when using the MACD, because they are both giving out useful information to help traders to analysis the market better.”

Alright, so what information they giving out?

Lines in MACD

The 2 lines in MACD tells traders whether price is heading upward or downward, and it gives out signals at when the price changes direction. Therefore, we can see these 2 lines are a directional indicator.

  • Blue line above red line: Price is in an upward formation
  • Blue line below red line: Price is in a downward formation


Histogram act as a complementary signal in the MACD which it tells traders the momemtum of the price movement, whether it is strengthening or weakening. Moreover, traders are able to have an idea of the price direction by identifying the colour of the histogram, which are:

  • Green histogram: Price is in upward formation, the longer the green histogram the strong the upward movement is.
  • Purple histogram: Price is in downward formation, the longer the purple histogram the strong the downward movement is.

Combining the lines and histogram in MACD will help you to get a better idea on the price direction and price momentum at the same time which will help you to make better decision when entering the market.

For more information about the MACD indicator, take a look at this videos here!

GMMA & MACD: https://youtu.be/A94pIj78XBc
Bollinger Bands & MACD: https://youtu.be/1dkwBgDjlFg

If you have any question, don’t feel shy to come and talk with me!

[FAQ] What are The Differences Between Forex and Binary Options Trading?

“What are The Differences Between Forex and Binary Options Trading?”

This is the No.1 most asked question from beginners who just jumped into the forex or binary options due to the similarity on these 2 trading options.

We all know that both binary options and forex are trading with currency exchange rates. For example, USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD etc. Though what are the core differences between these two options? Which one is better than which? Let’s take a look at the following explanation.

By taking a look at the table above, we can see that binary options requires less capital funding, and lower technical skill. Though when compare with Forex trading, binary options have a lower profit return since it’s trading with lower capital funds. And flexibility is lower for binary options as well because the trading period is fixed.

To sum up the differences between binary options and forex, binary options is easier to start with lower technical skill required and shorter trading period. Though Forex will give you a bigger profit return but requires higher technical skill and longer trading period.

I would say that binary options is more for beginner to get a taste of foreign exchange market. Though after you gain enough experience and you are craving for more profit, it might be the time for you to switch to Forex trading.

Though no matter which one you chose, we will do our best to help you to solve all questions you have and we will help you to grow to either a professional or part time trader. Most importantly we will have you to make money!

If you are struggling to decide the product to trade with, or if you need any advice from us. Come and talk with me anytime!

[Q&A] What is the difference between blue SMA and red SMA?

“What is the difference between blue SMA and red SMA?”

In my previous videos, there are times where I would only use Simple Moving Average (SMA) to analyze the market. And the question here is – What are the differences between the SMAs I have on the chart?

SMA calculates the average price movement by specified period of time. For example, when the parameter of a SMA is set to 7 and the trader is trading with a 1 minute chart. In this case, the SMA is calculating the previous 7 minutes of price movement.

Let’s put it in an easier way. The shorter period the SMA, the closer it stays with the candlestick, and more sensitive it is to price changes.

The answer to the question at the beginning, the difference between the red and blue SMA is that they are set with different parameter.

And in fact we are using the crossover of the blue and red SMA to spot timing to enter the market, which when these 2 SMAs crossover, it indicates a confirmation of a direction change in price movement.

SMA is one of the most basic indicators though it’s has been one of the most popular indicators of all time. Take a look at this video to find out more about the SMA strategy!

SMA crossover: https://youtu.be/FzK4u_oASRU

Come and talk with me if you have any question!

[Q&A] Could you give me trading tips and strategy?

“Could you give me trading tips and strategy?”

“Trade the right market with the right strategy.”

This is a very general question. Though the most basic and realistic answer would be to trade the right market with the right strategy. So now, here we come to another question, what is the right market and what is the right strategy? Take a look at the explanation below.

The right market

In binary options trading, the right market is something not too volatile nor too quiet. A smooth developing market is what we always after when we are going through all different currency pairs.

If the market is too volatile, price might have unexpected sudden moves. And if the market is too quiet, your trade will not go anywhere. The balance between volatile and quiet is crucial when it comes to binary options trading. Take a look at this video to find out more on what is a good market and what is a bad market:

Bad market: https://youtu.be/f5xYwoKI0zs
Good market: https://youtu.be/c7zZ1lt43fQ (from 07:10~)

The right strategy

Next, the right strategy. A right strategy is referring to your choice of strategy that you apply on range market and trend market.

Remember to always use trend following strategy for trend market and range market trading strategy for range market. Take a look at the videos below to find out 2 of my favorite strategy for trend market and range market:

Trend following strategy: https://youtu.be/A94pIj78XBc
Range market trading strategy: https://youtu.be/1dkwBgDjlFg

Come and talk to me if you have any question!

[Q&A] I want to install Lion BO application, why is it in Japanese?

“I want to install Lion BO application, why is it in Japanese?”

We do receive this question from traders from time to time. Note that the Japanese application is specifically designed for traders reside in Japan, and it will not be accessible for international traders from outside Japan. And therefore, the account details you have will not gain you access to the Japanese application. Also Lion Binary Option application is not listed on Play Store. Though you can download the English LION binary option application via the following page: https://hiroseuk.com/landing/bo_android/

However, as you can see from the comparison chart above, functions are more powerful in the web-based platform and so we do strongly recommend traders to access by using the web-based platform instead of the application.

By using the Web-based platform, you can do a lot of things that you couldn’t do in the Android application, such as technical analysis, trend lines, and using social trading. The most important is that, these functions are what makes a profitable trade!

Take a look now at the web-based platform via the link below. It is available for both Android and IOS users.


If you have any question. Feel free to come and talk with me!

[Q&A] I tried the strategy in demo and it was great. But loss in LIVE trading.

“I tried in demo with GMMA and Heikin ashi strategy and the profit is great… but loss when I tried in live.”

Do you have the same experience that you are doing so well in demo, but things go against you when you stepped into the real world?

This happens because of few factors:

Feeling pressure in live trading environment. You might be feeling pressure in live trading environment that you realize the fact that you are not in demo anymore and you are trading with real money. Pressure is good when it’s at a certain level, but too much pressure would interfere with your decision making.

Greedy. Being greedy is another main factor trader lose in live trading environment. Since traders are dealing with real money, it is normal to have the urge to make more money and cover all previous losses when trading in live environment. Though the moment you start to chase for profit, it is the moment that you are falling into the trap of greed.

How to conquer pressure and greed in live trading environment?

The best way to practice and conquer pressure and greed is to practice in live trading environment. Fighting on paper will not bring you anywhere, Instead, getting use to how it feels in live trading environment is the key to start making profit. Start with $1 minimum trade and practice on live trading now! You can access to Hirose Live Binary Options platform via the links below:

PC: https://lionbo.hiroseuk.com/login2/
Mobile: https://lionbo.hiroseuk.com/sm2/

Come to me if you have any question!

Can I login to MT4/Binary Options using LION Trader account?

“Can I login to MT4/Binary Options using LION Trader account?”

“No, you will not be able to login to MT4/Binary Options using LION Trader account.”

This is actually one of the most common question we receive during customer support. Note that there are 3 trading platforms in Hirose Financial, which are

  • Lion Binary Options (Binary Options Trading);
  • MetaTrader 4 (Forex Trading);
  • Lion Trader (Forex Trading);

Note that Hirose traders would be able to use the same account to login to MetaTrader4 and Lion Binary Options at the same time. Though, a different account is required to login to Lion Trader.

Here is how you can differentiate what type of account you are currently holding:

Now, I have received seen a lot of traders confuse with Lion Trader and Lion Binary Options. Take a look at the table above to see which account you are holding. If you have any question. Feel free to come and consult with anytime!

What are Option Types? What are the differences between HIGHLOW & Anytime option?

“What are Option Types? What are the differences between HIGHLOW & Anytime option?”

There are two different option types offered in the LION Binary Option Platform – The HIGHLOW option and ANYTIME option. In today’s post we will take a look at the differences on these two different option types.

The one that I want to spend time and explain here would be the purchasing period between the two option types.

As for Anytime Option. trader will be able to place their trades anywhere they want. Once a trade is executed. The remaining time is the exact period that the trader is trading with.

E.g. 3 minutes options. Trade executed → Remaining time: 3 minutes.

On the other hand, for HIGHLOW option. Purchase period is fixed and traders would need to place trade at a designate period. The remaining time is depending on when the trade is executed. And on top of that there will be a period where you won’t be able to open new trades or close existing positions.

E.g. 3 minute options. Option started → 1 minute later trade executed → Remaining time: 2 minutes.

Different trader would choose different option type depending on the strategies that they are using. Though as for beginners, I would recommend anytime option as it is far easier to operate and understand since there is less limitation.

Login to the demo platform now and try out both option types and see which one might suit you better!

PC (Demo): https://staging.lionbo.hiroseuk.com/login2demo/
Mobile (Demo): https://staging.lionbo.hiroseuk.com/sm2demo/

Make sure to come and talk with me if you have any question.

[Q&A] How to open forex platform?

“How to open forex platform?”

Please note the following if you want to start trading in forex.

Easy Access. Accessing MT4 platform with Binary Options account detail

Traders in Hirose with a Binary Options account will be able to access to MT4 platform with the exact same account detail. There is no need for you to register another forex account if you already have a binary options account.

Forgot your login ID? Get it back by simply filling out the following form https://hiroseuk.com/lionbo/form/loginid/form.cgi

Forgot your password? Reset your password via the follow page: https://mypage2.lionmt4.com/portal/forget_password/new

Start learning

Now, the next step for you would be knowing how to trade in forex. You can simply head to the following YouTube playlist and find out more about forex trading:

Please feel free to come and talk with me if you have any question!