Market Prediction

There was a shooting incident in a high school in Florida, Northern America. It had been updated that at least 17 confirmed dead in the horrific attack. I would feel insecure that people can have their firearms at where I live. In fact there was a murder at the hotel I was stay in Los Angeles, that after I come back from shopping, the room next door was sealed with yellow tapes just like in the movie. And every officer was carrying guns! Even shotguns! That’s why when I heard the news this morning, it brings back the horrific memory that I had. Do you have any horrific experience?

USD/JPY Market Forecast
Expected Trend: Down Trend
Expected Range: 105.70 ~ 107.25
Low > High: Look for chances to go for LOW!

USD/JPY was going lower than last year’s lower price (107.32) and reached to 106.84 yen at the Tokyo market. The US January CP was going higher than expected and therefore USD/JPY was able to go back up to 107.53 at the New York market. Well it didn’t last long and went back down to 106.73 yen, which is the lowest in these 3 months. USD/JPY didn’t really go down all of sudden this time, instead it was going down gradually and therefore it has high possibility that it might take some time for it to bounce back up.

(Tomorrow’s Market Prediction will be temporally off due to public holiday.)

Main Events/News (Market will most likely be active during the news as followed)
13:30 US Initial Jobless Claims
14:15 US Industrial Production
13:00 US NAHB Housing Market Index