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     Additional Tip No.1
Let’s look at the following market situation (4 Charts, All 30mins and same time)Before you start trading, check the market situation like below and pick up if there is any pairs in trend. In this case, I choose GBPUSD and open 3mins chart and purchase High.However, market moves like zig-zag, even it is up trend, you might end up losing the trade with high. Here is good example of losing your trade if you are not trading in low. When it was up trend and you purchased high and lost trade, your winning ratio on next trade on same pair same time periods will increase more.

 Additional Tip No.2

* 2 charts at 3:23am GMT today 30th Nov 2016

As you can see above chart, it look nice and stable situation on both pairs. I have chosen AUD/USD as it seemed be in trend and traded 3 min options at that time.

I only spent 9mins (3 consecutive options on 3mins AUD/USD) and earned $91.50 as per trading history.

I also checked GBPUSD market situation afterwards. It was range situation that it went upwards as the price hit the lower(support line).

There are more and more trading strategies. However the above mentioned topics are basic, you won’t be able to trade without it. I believe if you don’t have well-ground and solid foundation, you won’t make good trades and profits although you learn an advanced technique and strategies. It will be applied to all matter!


 Additional Tip No.3

Even though it seems Down movement (trend) on 30mins chart, the market is always moving like zig-zag.
In this case, purchase low when price go up a bit (selling on rally) on 3mins options.

When market is down movement, winning probability is higher if you purchase low. Now we are talking about increasing this winning probability more. To find a better entry point is like above.



  Voice of Successful Traders 

Mr Muhammad Zaihusrien

Binary Trading experience 2 months. Never traded before.
From overall of my number of trades, 70% win and 30% lose. It became easier to find a good entrty points as I started making stable profits recently!

Trading with two methods “303 and Martingale strategy”
I’ve been using 303 strategy since the day I’ve received the email from Toshi. I studied myself and this was easy to understand about market directions even I was beginner.
The important points is how much you can understand how the strategy works. The video was transparent and comprehensible for me. I really recommend to my relatives and other beginner traders!

Interview Link:



Mr Francis Oluwatomo
Binary Trading experience 1 months.
I deposited $50 and made $350 profits in 2 days.
I could not make stable profits, like 50/50 win/lose. It could be more losses.
however, I received 303 strategy tips from Mr Toshi and tried the 303. I did not understand it well at beginning that I sent email to Mr Toshi. He soon called back to me and started making a solution together. I assume my winning point was watching video many time and traded myself to find out the issues and discussed with Mr Toshi. He told me more details with tips.

Finally my understanding has grown deeper and started making wins.


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    I watched the video over and over again. This is a really good guidance and so practical for beginner like me. I would like to understand more about the trend as its moving zig zag and sometimes really hard to predict.

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    Thank you Toshi. this 303 strategy seems to be useful for me I’m unable to use Binary Signals/ using MetaTrader. I’ve always been making loss in my 3 minute period but now I will use the 303 strategy and and keep trying to make profit in my trade

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    I have not applied the video yet but I must say I trade exactly in that same manner but the graphs is just too unpredictable.

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    Hi, Toshi.. Thank you for your 303 Strategy Video. I like it most because it has Closed captioning (CC) which help me to understand video without headphone at office premises 😉 Please update more videos with same facility and inform us by email-Magazine.

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    1. How to determine the resistance and the support line . How much can I sold get a large win. 2. It is nice and fair but still help on winning a trade.

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    It was helpful. How to notice a trading signal within a currency pair, and how to place an order on windows phone platform?

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    Trading has never been easy to me, at a point, I began to see it as gambling as opposed to business… Anyway, I have watched the video and hoping it help when applied… Thanks. As what matters most is returns.

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  19. Avatarsupriya

    hello all i opened a 10usd bonus account and made 108 profit before completing the volume requirement .. i want to share my startergy with all.. hope this works well for all.. i use 50 days simple moving average.. and believe me gbpusd gives lot of respect for 50 days MA candle opens above in 30mins buy and candle opens below 50days MA sell.. but its not always we get the call …we need to wait till it comes near the moving average so i keep alert when ever market comes near that MA i get alert and once candle opens above or below i take a call..

  20. AvatarMohammed

    The contents is quite impressive. Do give me sometime to study the charts and the content of the email in entirety. Hence I shall get back to you with more feedback.

  21. AvatarAnil Godara

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    I just watched 303 strategy and feel good starting trading after losing all money invested. I feel I can earn all the money lost using this 303 strategy.

  27. AvatarElisha VICTOR

    I’m a beginner and I’m finding it difficult to understand the business concept. pls how can a beginner start and how can I contact Mr. Toshi

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Hi Victor. It was nice to talk to you and good to share the trading information. If you are not sure how to follow the market, the best way to master is to make more trades. Number of your trades equal to your experience. All the best.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      It’s simple though it is foundation tip that you cannot ignore if you are beginner. Even though you are not beginner like me, I still use this trading strategy as it works very well for me. Hope you can master it and start following right direction.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Ojo Julius Ademola. Thank you very much for leaving your comment!
      I’m happy to hear that too! Have you tried 303 stratgy on your trading? Please let me know how it’s going.
      Hope this helps you to improve your trading skills 🙂

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Lucy, thanks for your comment! Short periods are where you make profits! Focus only a few hours to make extra income! Why not. All the best

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