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The Martingale Strategy


   Additional Tip – One of the Best Combination for Martingale


The following strategy DO NOT need any technical indicators or MT4 candlestick chart. I assume some of our traders already know and use to become able to follow the market direction better.

1. Watch 30mins Options movement. You can open USDJPY, EURUSD and other to compare the movement.

AUD/USD as it seemed to be in trend and I decided to trade 3 or 10 min options at that time.

It’s been down movement on left chart, so you just purchase Low position once.

2. On right chart, here is tip point!! Purchased one low position with $1 but price went up so “purchase another Low position with $3 at red circle area.  

It’s been down trend on AUD/USD as I checked and recognised the movement on 30mins chart which became easier to predict to purchase High or Low. So purchasing low is better winning ratio in this situation. Then use Martingale strategy with it. 3 mins will be short period that you can try on 10min option if you need more time.


  Additional Tip No.2 – The Simple Tip make your trade different!

Here is another example: It is very simple point that you just aware the following points, your trading will become better.

I checked 30mins movement on EURUSD and found it look like Down movement.
I opened 3 mins option for EURUSD as follows.


Point 1. for 1st position, do not purchase soon at start point (around red circle). Wait for a while and double check the movement. Good entry point is when market goes slightly Up. (Because I want to purchase Low position). Don’t you think I purchased Low position in good area!? Yes!


Point 2. for 2nd position, wait for a while, not purchasing around red circle. We need more gap between 1st and 2nd position. Only a few points difference won’t be good enough to do martingale and it will be less winning probability. See where I purchased 2nd position!

That’s it. As I thought the market went down and I did not expect I could win for 1st position too.

I used martingale within one option but you can do one by one.
When you get used to it, you will be able to open 3 or 4 position at same option (recommended to do in 10mins rather than 3mins)





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How to use Martingale calculation sheet




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128 thoughts on “Winning Strategy Binary Options – The Martingale Strategy

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      How was the video? The bonus is to learn how our platform work before you prepare your investment. Minimum deposit is $20! I’m sure you need more funds to make more profits! All the best.

  1. アバターsourav kumar

    this video is very helpful for me, it gives me a innovative idea how to gain money to loss.


    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      If you follow the market movement, this strategy work more accurately. Market moves zig-zag at all time that you should have chances to win.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      How is your trading? To win more, you should trade with good strategy and in higher winning probabiliby product. it’s Binary trading and with this strategy!

  2. アバターAliu

    Yeah, I tried it and it worked. I am applying the previous lesson (support and resistance) with the Martingale strategy in my successive trading and am sure it will result in more earnings for me.

    I would like to thank very much for the previous bonus; l received the $5 as promised.

    Thank you.

    Warm regards,


    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      That’s right! If you combine with other strategy which allow you to follow market direction more, the martingale stragegy will work much better!! I hope you start earning more profits. All the best.


    I have used the strategy explained in the video and it works. I made an order of 1 $ and lost, imediately after I made and order of 2 $ and won. Thank you for your trainning.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Good to hear that you won trades! Please check the rule that same currency pair, same direction and double up amount like $1, $3, $7, $20… And it’s important that when you now analyse the market movement and include this in your trading it will become much even easier and higher winning ratio.

  4. アバターlevimkiz

    1. the video is actually helpful because during trading and you find out you are making a lose you should know the proper investment to make and cover up your previous lose. i used it and got my money back after the lose.
    2. i want a video to show us how much profit you could make when you close a position before expiry.and its advantage.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      This method is based on mathematical probability so everyone can easily try it out. When you now analyse the market movement and include this in your trading it will become much even higher winning ratio. About closing out the position before expiry, I consider for future educational video. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      The martingale itself is unrelated to the situation at market movement. It is just about the probability. Though you use 303 strategy and your favorite indicator to analyse the market movement, it will becomre more accurate strategy to make stable profits!

  5. アバターPraveen Lath

    1,) It show the effective trading as how to start trade, momentum & wait & watch policy to gain maximum profit. It also how to control emotion if you get profited for 2-3 times in a row. Also have to trade with small amount so that loss can be minimised.
    2.) Everything is most probably clear as you’ve a team of experts. But it needed will suggest you in near future.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      You’re right! Once you gain profits with martingale rule, you need to start from small purchase amount at next option! My well known customers earns with this strategy too. You can combine some others to be able to follow the market movement too! Did you see 303 strategy?

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Good start! No rush and do step by step from small amount. Look forward to hearing more good news from you!

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      So how did this martingale strategy help you? Please let me know! and i’m willing to help if you have any questions

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      So how was your trading? Please tell us what you thought about the video and how it affected to your trading.

  6. アバターSolomon Batife Pereemiwei

    i watched the video now and i made a trade although i dont av enof balance to apply the matingale strategy for now, i learnt how to use it however.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      You need have some funds (like $50-$100) in your account to do martingale. Invest and increase your funds!

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Yes, everyone want to get stable profits! To achieve it, get used to trade and market chart. And form your good strategies!

  7. アバターBatife Benjamin Ogo

    i watched the video and trade now, i won although i dont have enough balance to use the martingale strategy yet thanks.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      You’d better have enough funds in your account to do martingale. Invest and increase your funds!

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Hopefully you enjoy trading and learning how to make profits. Let me know if you have any questions

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Thank you for trading with us! Please note the rule and follow it. I know you understand binary trading that you will gain profits when you have good strategies. All the best

  8. アバターGaeimelwe

    It is an effective strategy, the instrument was on a an uptrend (checking using 303 stratergy) so i placed a high trade, so the market started going against me so i placed another trade (2x the previous amount) but after a while the market started going in my way and at the end of the trade both contracts won, so its an effective stratergy its my second day using the stratergy and it has improved my trading while also helping me keep my emotions in check.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      This is it!! I saw your trading history that you did exactly what you commented above. Follow the trend and stick with rule of strategy that you will start earning stable profits. All the best.

  9. アバター

    The video is a good asset for beginner because it teaches us to increase our investment in ratios 1, 3, 7 in the same while we’re losing so that we can win and make profit. This video change my thoughts on how trade when I am loosing. I will like to know which currency’s loss or Gain as the graphics are showing the pairs currency’s e.g USD/jJPY.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Thanks for your kind feedback! I also use seveal indicators and knowlege to follow the market movement though I won’t be able to trade without this strategy! Your questions: USDJPY – when zigzag line goes up means USD stronger. When it down means JPY Stronger(it can be USD weaker). As recently annoucement of Bank of Japan decrease interest rate for long terms saving, JPY slightly weaker however, US Mr Trump’s decision for imigrants make huge issue now. USD look weaker. Date 31/01/2017

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      You did well at beginning though you did not accurately follow the rule of your purchase amount. If you do not get used to it yet, I recommend to start from small amount. As number of trade you made equal your experience. All the best.

  10. アバターHelen

    I used martingale strategy and first time I lost 4 trades in a row and had no money left to make the 5th trade 🙁 but that is my own fault….I should have waited until I had more money in my account….so I made my first deposit and used martingale strategy several times ….it’s good ! Thank you Mr Toshi 🙂

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Beautiful trading! $1, $3, $7 and win on GBPUSD and USDJPY! Good thing is that you realised your fault and tried it again with awareness from next trade. If you could not do well, think agian where you made incorrect trade. Following the rule bring you more profits!

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Thank you, Mr Tung. And I saw your winning and withdrawing $1000. Glad to hear and keep going!

  11. アバターSanjeev

    last many time i purchase early at start 3 min chart, now i try to purchase after some wait i try this mated


    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Yes, you’d better watch market movement before you purchase a position. Hopefully the above Additional tip no.2 will be valuable information for you!

  12. アバターUpali

    Hi Toshi, how are you doing. Actually I stopped trading on binary options as I lost all my investment. But today morning I got a call from Elly from Hirose and told me to watch this video. After watching the video I feel to start trading again using this strategies.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Hi Mr Upali! Thanks for watching video! Please also note additional tips which help you to get more understanding. Let’s start trading!

  13. アバターjhonny jose calvo fuentes

    Excellent strategy. I will try with every detail. I think it has good effectiveness for i in the correct trend. Since Mr. Toshi gives us a good example of how to accept the trend and the conclusion effectively.
    I thank you Mr. Toshi for the contribution you have given us on ho. Especially to me to understand with ease its strategy.

    thank you very much!


    Jhonny calvo

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Thanks for your kind words. You also made some trades though you’d better have more funds in your balance to do Martingale. Hope you can follow the rule accurately to gain profits!

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Try martingale! You’d better have a enough funds in your balance. The concept of Martingale is to
      1) Start trading with small amount first.
      2) Increase the amount of trade for several trades though maintaining the same duration, same currency & same direction.
      3) Wait until EXPIRE, don’t close manually.
      4) When you WIN, repeat the step with the 1st amount again.

  14. アバターJhon

    Me parecio una buena estratgia, aunque no es mi preferida y el resultado de mi operacion con esta estrategia fue exitosa, espero que sigan subiendo mas estrategias para que podamos seguir aprendiendo

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Your comment (translated) ———-
      I thought it was a good strategy, although it is not my favorite and the result of my operation with this strategy was successful, I hope they continue to increase more strategies so that we can continue learning.
      ¡Usted puede decirme su estrategia preferida! ¡Siempre estoy interesado en algo nuevo! Si obtienes beneficios con la martingala, ahora tienes una estrategia más valiosa por encima de tus experiencias.

      You can tell me your favorite strategy! I’m always interested in something new! if you gain profits with martingale, you now have one more valuable strategy on top of your experiences.

  15. アバター14049261

    Thanks for the sharing this wonderful strategy. Though I am a first time trader and was afraid of making much trade, yet with this strategy, I was able to win and make profit.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Hi, though first time trading binary options, more chance to make profits when you have a good strategy! Watch and trade continuously. Hope you soon get used to trade and start earning profits. Best regards

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Oh, you should not spend $5 when you do martingale at first time!! If you have $5, you could at least trade 1st $1 and 2nd for $3 to do martingale. Please watch video again with Additional tips! Good luck

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Hi. Please check the video and rule again! I can review your trading history together to find your mistakes and to improve your trading in the future. Let’s trade binary!

  16. アバターKusi Atta Boateng

    it is good. Please which time frame does it works most. because sometimes i make simple mistakes

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      I personaly prefer trading on 3mins or 10mins with martingale strategy. Let’s make sure the correct example of martingale strategy together!
      1. Purchase $1 on EUR/USD HIGH position
      2. Lost previous so purchase $3 on EUR/USD HIGH position at next option
      3. Lost previous so purchase $7 on EUR/USD HIGH position at next option
      4. Keep going until you win. (my exprience, I don’t lose 6 times in row. I usually win at 2nd or 3rd position)

      Simple Martingle rule:
      * Stick with same currency pair and same time frame until you win the trade.
      * Purchase position same direction until you win the trade (don’t change the direction)
      * 1st position start from $1, 2nd $3, 3rd $7, 4th $20 and 5th $50 (do not change the purchase amount)
      * Keep trading option in row. (do not stop trading until you win the trade.)
      All the Best!

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Festus! thanks for your comment. I’ve seen that you deposit amount became double in your balance though what happened afterwards? You followed the rule at beginning and made profits but you suddenly increased the purchase amount and lost some trades. I can see your improvement. Talk to you later.


    Its good strategies only when you have enough balance in your trading account, if not then this strategy will take you down

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      A customer deposited $60 and did martingale. His balance went up to $210 in one day. Start from small funds and increase your balance. You will have more chance to do! Best Regards

  18. アバターEzinna Lucky Efurumibe

    The video is helpful. Unfortunately, the balance in my account is not sufficient to execute a trade. Nevertheless, I learnt a lot from the video. Thanks

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      This strategy is applied to Binary trading not forex. Hope you follow the rule and start earning like other binary traders.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Thank you for trading with us! I know you have own trading style though if not working well, you can try with martingle from $1, $3, $7 and $20. Please check the additional video which one of our traders show you simeple and easy way to understand this strategy.

  19. アバターDiem

    What is a great strategy! I made much money by using this strategy! Sometime i win all position!
    Thank you Toshi!

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Mrs Diem! thank you for trading with us! I can see you trade better and better every month like you have made profits and withdrawn. Keep going and when you follow the market direction more accurately, martingale works very effectively.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      You’ve been trading very well. We all know that good outcome in some day and some sad result in other day. Though you earned more than your funds at the end of month and withdrew. Hope the martingale works for you!

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Yusuf, minimum required to trade is from $1. And minimum deposit from $20.
      To do this martingale, we recommend to have your balance more than $80 at least. When you keep trading, you’d better have more fund in your account. We support 50% deposit bonus too!

    1. アバターikogwe Anthony

      i will also need to know my current balance but more importantly will like to withdraw just to be sure that the cash is real before i do further investment

  20. アバターMourad

    from my experience I think the best time for Martingle is the Asian session for EURUSD and because in this moment have no news for this pair as I think, using support and resistance.
    but Martingle still risky but in the same time successful strategy.
    But has anyone idea about indicator for 5m expires or 60 seconds that shows clear signals Put or Call with 80 % Accuracy?
    wish you all the best and much success

  21. アバターMilind

    Nice strategy, good for beginner, i trade on same and win $3, within a short period, want to more practice, but really helpfule without any confusion.
    Thanx to teach.

  22. アバターAbu Aremu

    The Hirose UK Binary Options could be profitable if you you approach it with patience and methodology. what you need most is to first determine the trend and if you notice an opportunity trade towards the trend.

    A. Aremu

  23. アバターAbdullah Al Noman

    Very educative video.Good effort,please keep making such type of learning lessons.Special thanks to Toshi due to his friendly and helping nature.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Abdullah, thanks for your kind comment. Hope that you are learning from our educational contents. If you have any issue on your trading, please feel free to ask at any time.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Knowledge is also important though you will only gain your experiences from actual trading. All the best.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Maksym, i know it wil be difficult to keep puchasing same direction on same currency pairs. you did $1, $2, $4 with low position though 4th trade you purchased high and lost… You could have won if you follow the rule. I’m sure you will be able to increase winning ratio with this strategy. Best Regards

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Thanks for trading! If you have more funds, you will be able to form a good martingale! All the best

  24. アバターAbigail james

    I do understand the video but I lost, although I hope to win on my other trades, the video was helpful

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Abigail, thanks for watching video. To do Martingale strategy, you’d better have enough funds to proceed strategy. Though if you are not sure how to follow the market direction or looking for entry point(purchase point), you can also have a look 303 stratetgy. It’s for finding out good entry points.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Duru, thank you! You can even trade demo to practice a strategy. Follow the rule and trend!

  25. アバターNnamdi

    The Martingale strategy is a very good strategy, when you have enough funds to trade with, but it is not advisable when your funds are limited

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      You need to have some certain amount to do martingale though I trade with this strategy as I always look for how I can increase my winning probabiliby. e.g. Get used to trade with platform = you can take an action quickly, Following market trend, Use reliable indicators, trade after the news event so on. Let me know if you have any questions.

  26. アバターmohamad

    Mr toshi ..Please do not delete the comment and respond transparently
    You are recommending a great strategy and you have been making big profits through it
    And in the spirit of our advice to commit to profitable trading times
    There are several clever things that are very useful you told us
    Conclusion Great profits have been achieved by applying these tips with caution and commitment
    *****The question I want to respond to is transparent**Why did you teach us?
    I also know that your company bleeds money when we make profits.
    Am I wrong?
    Thank you for your efforts

    1. アバターSean

      First of all, we believe in a win-win relationship with customers. Unless our customers are happy, we strongly believe that we will not grow in our business.

      A lot of volume is transacted on a daily basis, and your win will not affect us. Also, a lot of volume means that we also receive a good assessment from our parent company, and so the more and more trading volume becomes, the happier we become. This is a reason we encourage our customers with better strategies, and we have been spending a lot of time on this too.

      1. アバターmohamad

        Please be aware that I respect your company and know that it is immediately give us our profits and has a strong license but I want to explain more ??
        How can you teach us intensively and continue all these wonderful materials and strategies to make us make money and make a market
        It’s puzzling

        1. アバターmohamad

          Please be aware that I respect your company and know that it is immediately give us our profits and has a strong license but I want to explain more ??
          How can you teach us intensively and continue all these wonderful materials and strategies to make us make money and (hiruse uk is market maker)???
          It’s puzzling

          1. アバターSean

            Hi, Mohamad. Thank you for your question. No, we are not. Trades are through to our Counterparty, and we like to see more trading volume from our customers.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Fouda, thanks for your comment. Just one of example that at first, check the market direction in 30mins option chart in all currency pairs or your favorite ones and find whether it’s Higher or Lower movement then Keep purchasing same direction on same option with same time frame (Martingale). You can trade either 3 or 10mins options.

  27. アバターSanjeev

    i think that is a good video and it helps me for wining the trace next time. Next time i try this.

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Dear Mr Sanjeev, thanks for trading with us. The most of case people make mistakes when they are heated up and trading without plan. This strategy help you to stick with a plan to control your emotion.

  28. アバターMiro

    Hello Toshi,
    I have Qustion, can we use Martingle in both sides for example if trend is up we purchase Call and if we lose then martingale Put purchase and if we lose Martingle call purchase and if we win start from the beginning against the winning trade.
    what do you think?
    thanks alot

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      The answer from me is – “better not to do”.
      In this case, you might go after HIGH, and next you will have to purchase HIGH when the price is getting lower (cheaper) than the previous price you purchased with. Since the price might get low temporarily during the up trend, so this strategy is for when the price goes back up again. All the best

    1. Toshi(hiroseuk)Toshi(hiroseuk) Post author

      Yes I think so too! Martingale strategy is one of the most usuful strategies. Hope this video helps you to make profits.

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