[Q&A] If traded 1 minute option. How much percentage would I get?

“If traded 1 minute option. How much percentage would I get?”

“The percentage (Payout) you will get if the trade ended in profit is 75% of your investment amount. For example, if you traded $50 for your position, you will be getting $37.5 profit, and $87.5 will be back to your account when the trade is finished.”

Today, we will take a look at a few basic aspects of Hirose’s LION Binary Options. Such as minimum trade amount, and payout for few different option periods. So that you can have a better idea on the flexibility and possibility for binary options trading.

Minimum Trade Amount: $1

One of the most fascinating fact for binary options trading is its low requirement on trade amount as well as capital. Traders are able to trade as low as $1, and capital requirement is as well as $20. This gave an equal chance for everyone who wants to get a taste of binary options trading. And trading with $1 is an ideal way to practice in live trading.

Profit Percentage (Payout): up to 90%

Payout for Hirose LION Binary Options is ranging from 70% for 30 seconds option to 90% for 60 minutes option. Meaning, if you traded $50 for a 30 seconds option, you will be receiving $35 if the trade is in the money. That’s $35 in 30 seconds. What more can you ask for?

This is what binary option is all about. Low requirement, high flexibility, and high return in a short period of time. If you ever want to get into the world of trading, binary option is a good way to start with.

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