[Q&A] Can we save indicator setting on the platform?

“Can we save indicator setting on the platform?”

“Yes, indicator setting will be saved automatically on Live Platform.”

Once you set up the indicator on the live platform, the platform will remember the its parameter setting, and customized style. There is no need to setting up the same indicator every time after logging into the platform.

However, this does not apply to demo platforms. If you want to have your set up and customize a platform that is just for you, try it out on the Live platform!

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“Hold on! I’m a beginner and I’m not using technical indicators, can I still trade?”

Yes sure you can! Take a look at the following video.

Trade with no technical indicator: https://youtu.be/hV0v7WkKWbQ

With the strategy explained in the video, you will be able to trade without any technical indicator and winning percentage is promising. Take a look at it and give it a try!

Don’t be shy to come and talk with me if you have any question!

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