[Q&A] How to open forex platform?

“How to open forex platform?”

Please note the following if you want to start trading in forex.

Easy Access. Accessing MT4 platform with Binary Options account detail

Traders in Hirose with a Binary Options account will be able to access to MT4 platform with the exact same account detail. There is no need for you to register another forex account if you already have a binary options account.

Forgot your login ID? Get it back by simply filling out the following form https://hiroseuk.com/lionbo/form/loginid/form.cgi

Forgot your password? Reset your password via the follow page: https://mypage2.lionmt4.com/portal/forget_password/new

Start learning

Now, the next step for you would be knowing how to trade in forex. You can simply head to the following YouTube playlist and find out more about forex trading:

Please feel free to come and talk with me if you have any question!

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