What are Option Types? What are the differences between HIGHLOW & Anytime option?

“What are Option Types? What are the differences between HIGHLOW & Anytime option?”

There are two different option types offered in the LION Binary Option Platform – The HIGHLOW option and ANYTIME option. In today’s post we will take a look at the differences on these two different option types.

The one that I want to spend time and explain here would be the purchasing period between the two option types.

As for Anytime Option. trader will be able to place their trades anywhere they want. Once a trade is executed. The remaining time is the exact period that the trader is trading with.

E.g. 3 minutes options. Trade executed → Remaining time: 3 minutes.

On the other hand, for HIGHLOW option. Purchase period is fixed and traders would need to place trade at a designate period. The remaining time is depending on when the trade is executed. And on top of that there will be a period where you won’t be able to open new trades or close existing positions.

E.g. 3 minute options. Option started → 1 minute later trade executed → Remaining time: 2 minutes.

Different trader would choose different option type depending on the strategies that they are using. Though as for beginners, I would recommend anytime option as it is far easier to operate and understand since there is less limitation.

Login to the demo platform now and try out both option types and see which one might suit you better!

PC (Demo): https://staging.lionbo.hiroseuk.com/login2demo/
Mobile (Demo): https://staging.lionbo.hiroseuk.com/sm2demo/

Make sure to come and talk with me if you have any question.

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