[Q&A] I tried the strategy in demo and it was great. But loss in LIVE trading.

“I tried in demo with GMMA and Heikin ashi strategy and the profit is great… but loss when I tried in live.”

Do you have the same experience that you are doing so well in demo, but things go against you when you stepped into the real world?

This happens because of few factors:

Feeling pressure in live trading environment. You might be feeling pressure in live trading environment that you realize the fact that you are not in demo anymore and you are trading with real money. Pressure is good when it’s at a certain level, but too much pressure would interfere with your decision making.

Greedy. Being greedy is another main factor trader lose in live trading environment. Since traders are dealing with real money, it is normal to have the urge to make more money and cover all previous losses when trading in live environment. Though the moment you start to chase for profit, it is the moment that you are falling into the trap of greed.

How to conquer pressure and greed in live trading environment?

The best way to practice and conquer pressure and greed is to practice in live trading environment. Fighting on paper will not bring you anywhere, Instead, getting use to how it feels in live trading environment is the key to start making profit. Start with $1 minimum trade and practice on live trading now! You can access to Hirose Live Binary Options platform via the links below:

PC: https://lionbo.hiroseuk.com/login2/
Mobile: https://lionbo.hiroseuk.com/sm2/

Come to me if you have any question!

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