[FAQ] What are The Differences Between Forex and Binary Options Trading?

“What are The Differences Between Forex and Binary Options Trading?”

This is the No.1 most asked question from beginners who just jumped into the forex or binary options due to the similarity on these 2 trading options.

We all know that both binary options and forex are trading with currency exchange rates. For example, USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD etc. Though what are the core differences between these two options? Which one is better than which? Let’s take a look at the following explanation.

By taking a look at the table above, we can see that binary options requires less capital funding, and lower technical skill. Though when compare with Forex trading, binary options have a lower profit return since it’s trading with lower capital funds. And flexibility is lower for binary options as well because the trading period is fixed.

To sum up the differences between binary options and forex, binary options is easier to start with lower technical skill required and shorter trading period. Though Forex will give you a bigger profit return but requires higher technical skill and longer trading period.

I would say that binary options is more for beginner to get a taste of foreign exchange market. Though after you gain enough experience and you are craving for more profit, it might be the time for you to switch to Forex trading.

Though no matter which one you chose, we will do our best to help you to solve all questions you have and we will help you to grow to either a professional or part time trader. Most importantly we will have you to make money!

If you are struggling to decide the product to trade with, or if you need any advice from us. Come and talk with me anytime!

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