[FAQ] Why my result is not as expected even I followed all steps?

“Why my result is not as expected even I followed all steps?”

There are different reasons why this would happen. And today we will talk about 2 main aspects of this problem

False Signal

The most common problem is that a lot of traders are focusing on the strategy itself and forgot about there are false signals laying along side with the true signals. Therefore, it is important to learn to spot false signals in all strategy that you are using.

And the most efficient way to avoid false signal is to trade with stable markets. Remember that volatile market and false signals are like a twin which they often associate with each other.

Find out more about when not to trade to avoid false signal via this video here:

Emotional Control

Even though you are following every step of the strategy, your emotion/mentality might not be able to keep up with you in live trading environment. That’s why panic and anxiety happen and that’s a leading cause of misjudgment.

Instead of practicing on demo, try practicing with minimum amount in live trading so that you can get a better idea on how it feels like, and get used to the intense trading environment. That’s another key for you to achieve your goal in binary options trading.

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