[FAQ] What are the best currency pairs in Forex Trading?

There are literally dozens of currency pairs in forex trading, how do we pick the right one to trade and how do we know are going to bring us profit?

In today’s article, we will take a look at few currency pairs those are easy to trade with and bring good fortune. If you don’t know what currency pairs to start with, you might refer to the pairs listed below:

Both Euro and the Dollar are two largest currencies in the word, and which makes this currency pair highly active and stable. As well as EUR/USD has very low spread which in result, makes a very low transaction cost.

The USD/JPY is the second most traded currency pairs in the market. And it is extremely active. USD/JPY is one of the currency pairs for beginners who want to get a hand on forex trading fast. Though, it is recommended not to invest a lot of money into USD/JPY until you have got a hand on its behavior.

GBP/USD tends to be quite predictable. Many forex traders are using support and resistance level to better understand the market with this currency pair.

These are the currency pairs that I think would be suitable for beginner. If you are struggling on what currency pairs to start with, try out these ones here!

Feel free to come and talk with me if you have any question!

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