[FAQ] What time is good for trading?

I do receive this kind of question a lot on asking what time of the day is good for entering the market and easier to aim for profit.

The following times are ideal for entering the market.

07:00GMT ~ 08:00GMT
13:00GMT ~ 17:00GMT

Now first thing we need to know is that most of the traders in forex and binary options make their profit when the market is moving. And the times mentioned above are when the market is the most active and has the most movements.

Why a moving market is profitable?

In forex / binary options market, a quiet market is always not recommended as there are more uncertainty and false signals when the market is quiet. Sudden movements and spikes are often associate with quiet markets.

On the other hand, it would be much easier for traders to analyze the market and get a hand on the overall direction when the market is active and has more movement. Most importantly, If traders are able to follow the trend when the market is active, chances for them to end the trade in profit is much higher as well. Take a look at the video below to find out more about the timing to trade in forex and binary options.

Best time to trade: https://youtu.be/99KjdqIOpzM

Feel free to come and ask me if you have any question!

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